G. Stephen Maxfield


An Information Technologies professional with over 10 years of experience in the analysis, design, and implementation of applications in web, workstation, mainframe and PC environments utilizing myriad development tools and environments.

Work Experience

April 1998 - Present
Bear Stearns
New York, NY
Vice-President, Fixed Income Technologies
  • Developing new Intranet Web applications for Mortgage Trading using Java Servlets, JSP, HTML & WebLogic.
  • Analyzing, designing, and implementing a major re-write of the firm’s Mortgage Backed Trading System. Project Lead/Developer of the Java Swing GUI (in a three-tier client-server application with CORBA communication, via OrbixWeb, to C++ servers on the middle tier and Sybase on the back end).
  • Creating Web based documentation on existing systems and new system design documents using FrontPage.
January 1998 – March 1998
New York, NY
Consultant, Bear Stearns
  • Supported the Mortgage Finance Trading System using C, Unify, Sun workstations, and Amdahl Unix mainframes.
  • Produced Web based documentation on existing nightly processes using FrontPage.
May 1996 – December 1997
New York, NY
Consultant, SBC Warburg
  • Designed and implemented the firm’s Consolidated Stock Record using C, Sybase and Sun workstations.
  • Enhanced both existing feeds into and reports out of the CSR.
  • Analyzed, designed, and implemented a new Products Security tracking system using C, SQL, and Sybase.
May 1995 – May 1996
New York, NY
Consultant, Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Led the project team to design and implement a globalization of the HR Employee tracking system that used Natural/Adabas.
  • Enhanced existing feeds between the HR system and other bank systems.
January 1993 – April 1995
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY
Associate, Foreign Exchange Worldwide Trading Systems
  • Lead developer of the Real Time Credit Risk system in C++, TCL/TK, Sybase/Sql on Unix. This system calculated the overall risk exposure, by counterparty, for all outstanding trades.
  • Enhanced existing Unix Trader Dealing System in Accell (a forms based 4GL).
September 1991 – January 1993
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY
Associate, Worldwide Commodities Trading Systems
  • Designed and implemented Coffee Trading system using dBase for Unix. The system allowed for the tracking of physical coffee and trading positions.
  • Converted and Implemented the Strategic Customer Database system for contact management under Focus for Unix.
  • Developed an on-line payment settlements system under Natural/Adabas.
  • Converted Natural 1.2 mode programs to Natural 2.1 structured mode programs.
January 1991 – September 1991
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY
Analyst, Telecommunications
  • Designed and supervised the installation of PCs, shared peripherals, LANs, and telephone systems.
  • Enhanced PC dBase application used for PC ordering and configuration.
September 1990 – January 1991
Software Etc.
New York, NY
Manager, Retail Operations
  • Managed sales personnel.
  • Interfaced with customers and suppliers.
January 1990 – August 1990
Bose Corporation
Framingham, MA
Personal Computer Consultant, Personal Computing Department
  • Researched personal computer resources.
  • Developed a statement of the computing state of affairs.
  • Determined future needs and direction for personal computing.


Boston University
School of Management
Boston, MA
Masters of Science in Management Information Systems, 1990
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, 1989


Primary: Java, Swing, CORBA, IDL, Orbix/ OrbixWeb, JSP, Servlets, HTML, WebLogic, Sql/ Sybase, Unix Scripts.

Secondary: Perl, Visual Basic, C, C++, Natural / Adabas, Sun OS, Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 3.1/95.

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