If you have been visiting my site, you will notice some changes recently. I've been trying to make it more graphically appealing. To that end, I have changed how the frames are handled. These is no longer a heavy border dividing the frames. I have also changed the size specifications to be more dynamic. The images to the right are another change. I have replaced the link menu with a more graphical contents index.


With all of the current interest in the Web, I've been out surfing the 'Net like a lot of other people. I found what I discovered there to be interesting, to say the least. I saw good pages, bad pages, and a lot in between. As an IT professional and a computer aficionado, I found the differences in pages to be intriguing. However, perhaps most importantly, seeing these differences in pages has instigated me to do personally, what I have done professionally. So, I have decided that it is time that I developed my own pages.

I built this page mainly as a way to share information with my family (that is scattered around the globe), friends, and colleagues. These pages currently have information available on several subjects that interest me. I think I've had the most fun putting up information about my Scuba Diving and my Dog, Comet. What little feedback that I have received has been positive. If you get a chance, after going through my site, please drop me a note at webmaster@gsteve.com. I would really appreciate any and all comments that people might have (though criticism should be as constructive as possible... thanks).

Again, thanks for spending the time to check this out. Please, do give me a shout if you have any comments, questions, pointers, etc.


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