Scuba Training for Master Scuba Diver

While originally called Advanced Open Water by NAUI, the third level of certification is now called Master Scuba Diver. I completed this certification as follows:

Date(s): August 1, 1993 - November 27, 1993
# of Dives: 8
Mistletoe, Sheepshead Bay, NY (#20)
Beach 8th Street, Far Rockaway, NY (#23-25)
Lizze D, Sheepshead Bay, NY (#26-27)
Morray Bend, Deerfield Beach, FL (#30)
Patch Reef,, Deerfield Beach, FL (#32)

After returning from Club Med, I decided that I wanted to try something new. What could I find that was different from the warm, clear, calm, fish and coral abundant Caribbean? The answer, of course, is to dive off of Long Island. Thus, in August of 1993, I dove the wreck of the Mistletoe (off the Rockaways).

As part of my next level of certification, I returned to New York and proceeded to do five more dives during September of 1993. These dives were a combination of boat/wreck dives and shore dives (from the lovely Beach 8th Street in Far Rockaway).

The completion of my NAUI Advanced Open Water came in Deerfield Beach, FL. I returned to dive this area in November of 1993. After comparing this spot, to others I have dove, this is actually a really great place to dive. Warm drift diving, with lots of fish, make for some great dives.

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