Scuba Training for Open Water 1

Here are the details of how I completed the NAUI Open Water 1 (now called simply Open Water) certification:

Date(s): March 26, 1993 - March 27, 1993
# of Dives: 4
Pihranna Pit, Davies, FL (#1-2)
Noulla Wreck, Deerfield Beach, FL (#3)
Chelfonte Reef, Deerfield Beach, FL (#4)

My first planned scuba diving trip was for my original open water certification. This was a long weekend trip to Deerfield Beach, Florida. I was a real newbie back in March of 1993. At that time, Deerfield Beach was some the best diving I had ever had. Lets face it, it was some of the only diving I had ever had! An instructor I know once commented that no matter how much diving you do, no matter how good or how bad, a diver never forgets the first time they went diving. I still remember this trip.

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