My Career

As of April, 1998, I have taken a position as Vice-President, Fixed Income Technologies at Bear Stearns. I made this switch for a variety of reasons. The most important issue, I felt, was that I wanted to have a career path. As a consultant, I didn't feel that I had a career path. I felt that I would always be a consultant with no advancement in my career.

Prior to Bear Stearns, I was working as an Information Technology consultant for a company called DMR-Trecom. Trecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amdahl Corporation. Most recently, the Amdahl Corporation was purchased by the Fujitsu Corporation. For more information on these companies, please see the appropriate pages listed above.

Prior to joining DMR-Trecom (Trecom Business Systems when I joined), I worked for over four years at Morgan Stanley. I spent all of the four years at Morgan Stanley in the Information Technology department. At various times, while there, I worked in the Foreign Exchange systems area, the Commodities Trading systems area, and the Telecommunications department.

If you would like a more detailed chronology of my career, take a look at my resume.

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