Scuba Diving

My current favorite interest is Scuba Diving. I find it both extremely exciting and relaxing at the same time. I have, to date, found it impossible to describe the sensation of scuba diving to those who have not experienced it. The best I can do is share some information about it and my experiences with it.

Thus, here is my Scuba Page. I have placed here all of the scuba diving related items that I felt might interest anyone besides me. From here, you can find information on the following things:

Current Plans and Recent News

For all of my fellow Scuba Divers, I am providing what my up coming scuba related plans are in case you might like to join in.


My last trip, the only one of 2000, was to Roatan.  My next trip is going to be to the Phillipines during the last week of March and the first week of April of 2001.


I am currently taking the NAUI Assistant Instructor course. I had been thinking about taking some NAUI leadership courses for some time and I am glad to be finally starting. I had hoped to finish the AI course before the summer of 1999, however I am still working to complete this certification. 

Training Details

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